Important Steps to Follow When Purchasing Dog Harnesses

There are some really important steps you have to follow if you want to get a top quality dog harness at a fair price. For this conversation, we’ll use a German Shepherd harness as the focal point but this approach is suitable for just about any other dog you can imagine.

Getting the Right Measurements

The initial step when shopping for a German Shepherd harness is to get the right measurements, start by measuring from your dog’s nose to their tail then measure the width of your dog at their widest part. When you have those numbers then you can look for harnesses that are suitable for your dog. After you have identified the brands of dog harnesses that will fit your German Shepherd you will need to start screening the companies that make these harnesses to ensure they are suitable.

German Shepherd harness

Proper Way to Screen a Dog Harness Manufacturer

Start by finding out how long the manufacturer has been producing these dog harnesses and move the firms that have been in business for a long time to the top of your list. The longer the firms have been in operation the more established they should be. After you have identified which manufacturers have been producing pet harnesses for a prolonged period of time you will need to take a look at the various types of harnesses they have, this would be a great time to find out if the manufacturer has any active recalls on their harnesses. If the harness maker does have active recalls or recent recalls then you should remove them from your list.  When you are satisfied with the quality of the harnesses being made you can start looking for retailers that are selling them.

Getting a Great Deal on a New Dog Harness

You will need to identify all of the vendors that are selling the specific type of dog harness you want to buy, the list should be extensive. After you have identified the various retailers who are selling the type of dog harness you want the subsequent step is noting what each of them are going to be charging you for the harness. While comparing the prices being charged you also need to find out whether the vendor is going to charge you extra for shipping which is a common trick retailers use to boost their profits. During the price comparison, you also need to check out the reputation of the vendor to determine whether they provide top-tier customer service. The only way you can do that properly is by checking out the reviews posted by other individuals who dealt with the vendor in the past couple of months. If the reviews are mostly positive then you should feel comfortable moving forward with the purchase. If you have followed all of the suggestions that were provided you should be able to find the best quality dog harness at a very competitive price so go online right now and start reviewing the various dog harnesses, your dog will be happy you made the effort.