The black magic spells are for making love not war

Not wanting to sound like a stuck record, you know, so many songs have been written over the years about the power of love to overcome all obstacles. The music that was written with love as its main theme spanned a variety of genres. And those beatific numbers that had no words to it, you only heard the instruments, well, you just knew the musicians were thinking about love. Across the genres, musicians, writers and singers have struck different chords with a great many cultures, including religions.

Can religion be defined as a culture, well, that’s the question we ask you today. You can define it any way you choose to. Just make sure you have love in your heart. Or if you don’t, you be thinking of love, please. The Wicca religion is one that is centered on love. Many other religions are too. It’s just that too many people have become so disillusioned after witnessing and experiencing how love and religion has been abused and twisted over the years. It is, however, very difficult for anyone with malevolent intentions to trifle with nature.

And it is on Mother Nature around which the Wicca religion is also centered. And like many other worldly and spiritual religions, the Wicca religion has its sects too, for better or for worse. Religions across the earth, including the nature centered religions, have all dabbled in what is known as the occult. Secularists as well as theologians consider this to be dangerous territory indeed. It is believed that there are those who have the ability to cast damaging spells over others. But for those that dare to try, the consequences are very severe indeed.

black magic spells

If you do not know what you are doing, do not dare to try. You could damage the lives of others. You most certainly could damage your own life. Rather, if you must, use white and black magic spells to cast positive aspersions over others you may be thinking of. In other words, use these spells purely for love. If you find yourself seeking love, perhaps even desperately, then you may yet be in a good place. Your heart is in the right place. You do not wish to hurt or harm anyone. You want to extricate your own self from hurtful pangs of loneliness and neglect.

Good for you. Now, unless you have been schooled theoretically and religiously, do not attempt to cast spells yourself, no matter how many books you have read. Rather, turn to the devices that practiced Wiccans, occultists and even religious laymen and spiritualists have as gifts to bring forth love through the casting of spells. While doing so, do not have any doubtful thoughts over whether the spells will work or not. If that is the case, it will not be the fault of the practitioner if love fails you. As many songs have spelled it out, you simply have to believe.